Monday, 1 March 2010

The white hearted sock.

So tired. She could barely keep her eyes open on the monday morning drone. She felt particularly ugly today. Not that she was pretty in any sense.

Class was not great, eyes closed in the front row. Hmmm. The second part of the lecture for the catatonic class failed to turn up. It was a repeating pattern with this particular module. She could not think of one instance when a class had ran smoothly without lateness or incompetence from the lecturer.

She quickly rushed to McDonalds for a craved breakfast. She wasn't feeding herself well and had lost every inclination of maintaining a healthy balanced diet. She was never like this. She used to cook. And enjoy it. She used to make sure that she had the RDA of fruit and vegetables. You know, 'five a day!'. But yesterday, her mother had left food aside, that could be easily cooked for dinner. She was so tired she just closed the fridge and curled into bed. Tiredness overwhelming hunger.

Neither the fire alarm or the perfectly timed nose bleed during her favourite class helped the 'this is going to be a good day' bid the sun was pleading.

That was it. The library was not a good place today. She went home. Praying. Praying to her non existant god for the scarce willpower to continue with her dissertation.

The sun was out to today. She loved it.

The Heart and the Brain.

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