Thursday, 11 March 2010

andre and robert.

So there was this truly feminine guy on the drone the other day. He was flamboyant and truly confident, as he exited the train he looked endearingly at this man beside him and sort of..wiggled his body? In a flirtacious way. The other acknowledged him, shook his head, smiled and then looked away. The flirty guy lets call him, andre. He looks exotic, the warmer regions of europe perhaps. Andre just happily bounces of the train with the white earphones in his head.

Gee, i thought. Love his confidence. He probably does that with everybody.

So today, im sitting here typing on the drone, staring at the two of them. Andre and... Robert. He is standing with his back towards andre, reading a paper. Andre is seated, ipod. For a couple they seem oddly distant, flamboyant andre and reserved robert. It actually seems as though Robert is ashamed of being seen next to andre.

The Heart and the Brain.

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