Tuesday, 2 March 2010

The long winded girl.

'OH MY GOSH! IT'S SO BRIGHT!' she exclaimed in her thoughts as she quickly shielded her face from the rays of the morning sun. She had let herself forget this feeling.

'The Tube is wholly incompetent and has self imploded' she heard on the radio. Well not really, but it might as well when the worlds population is stuck on the damn thing. But it was okay, her class was a little later and the sun was shining.

She smiled as the heat warmed the back of her legs against the chilly wind. It was perfect. She didn't even frown when the online timetable directed her to the wrong room. The sun was on. Everything was okay.

She had lunch with her superiors and although she requires vast amounts of time to finish a meal, she simply pretended she could not eat any more. Not another morsel. It was convincing. Since her natural body was borderline anorexic anyways. The faux thai was a bit shit aswell. She had this thing, actually she has many things. This was one of them. If it's good food she'll eat so much it would scare you, if it was shit, she only needed a spoonful for the full up sensation. That's all. Not very interesting is it. Sorry.

'Please make use of all the space available,' came the slightly bored voice over the tube intercom, 'especially if it's under someone's armpit. 'Oh, the tube man was hilarious when it's faux rush hour. 'BAHAHAHAH! Brilliant!' burst out a fellow passenger. Who said London was dreary?

The Heart and the Brain.

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