Sunday, 28 February 2010

The bottle of Asahi.

Of course she didn't go to church for a service. It was a special event and the title was 'why does god allow suffering?' It was interesting and she especially loved when everyone stood up to sing, She stood up as a sign of respect.

After some tempura and a heated discussion over god, she headed over to ladurée for her first try of macarons. The sky was grey and the clouds were spritzing rain, she quickly took the tube and visited the library once again.

1830. She was at the lobby of the hotel. Feeling self conscious and unimportant. Fashion shows made her feel everyone was looking down on her. It didnt help that they were all 6 foot tall!

She felt kind of sad. A kind of regret. Having the opportunity to participate in the fashion show but turning it down. It was a bad move. She was jealous as well. She only wishes that she could be like the president. She feels irrelevant when next to the president and she knows that this person is full of lies. Maybe thats how to get up in the world!

'Lesbians! Lesbians!' one of her friends screamed. They laughed out loud for ages at the tube station. The couple were actually heterosexual. Oh, the shame.

The Heart and the Brain.

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