Friday, 26 February 2010

the red maggot.

It was 0650 all of a sudden and she haphazardly prepared the three snooze alarms &&promptly shoved the charger up the iphones lovely ass. late for school, but only by 10 minutes.

There were maggots in a box and a class full of squeamish girls. 'argh! it's like i can feel them crawling up my sleeve' one of them said, frantically gesturing at her arm. after several attempts the assistant managed to set up an efficient respirometer and measured the little maggots rate of respiration. they were quite disgusting; squirming and frothing like a volcano about to erupt. she felt like she was there just to help aphrehend the little runaways.

she spoke to her school crush that morning and she felt weird. he didn't recognise her. this was a good thing. she couldn't bare the thought that she used to blatantly overstare. she remembered that on her last day in 2005 she cried in his lab. how silly.

After a long talk with a feminist who generalised men to an extent that she felt uncomfortable, she set off to her second home; the library. This girl was a geek, she found comfort and security in the library. After a one of these sessions, she feels overworked but content, it was her way to numb the stress of third year uni.

After an insightful lecture, she became obsessed with LSD and special K. 'Did you get the stuff?' she asked her hospital friend. 'No of course not! I've lost my drug dealer boyfriend!' She was seriously comtemplating these hallucinogens since neither displayed much detrimental effect. She felt like she needed some kind of release, something new and refreshing. she was bored with life. thats why she cut her waist length hair to shoulder on the whim. she really thought it would refresh her but it just felt the same.

So back to the 26th Febuary, she ate crab and wrote wonderful words for her step sister and her cousin.

Arcades was the next stop, wasting pounds and pence on time crisis and the like. she walked away with a photo frame and that made her smile.

She feels alone but not lonely. And she is relying on something that most probably wouldn't have batted an eyelid.

The Heart and the Brain.

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