Friday, 12 June 2009


okay. so was reading amazing susie bubble last week and found out about the jumble sale held by the east end thrift store during last weekend. i had to go along even if i tumbled in on the sunday when most of the goodies would have probably been picked up by ready thrifters the morning before. i just had to go. i missed the angels sale and still haven't gotten over it.

for a lovely recession friendly £10 i managed to bag many many scarves, most of which were made in japan. glorious amounts of oversized waistcoats and other bits and bobs. the staff were amazing and helpful and left me in peace whilst i ransacked their jumble stock.

my treasures include a blue plaid waistcoat, a forest green dog-tooth waistcoat, a burnt orange head band/tie. it reminds me a of the 'we can do it!' poster. a bluey/turquoise japanese scarve and a wierd tapestry-like band. i'm not sure of its past life but i'm going to rework it into a belt/headband. the texture is love.

in other news, all the juicy blogging/tweeting (from faves: disneykid1 and mememolly (and the rest of the world (and also virgin atlantic miles) )) about sims 3 has pushed me to click the 'buy' button this morning at 1am. hor. i have no self control despite MY CURRENT STATE OF POOR.

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