Tuesday, 15 September 2009


awaiting YSL totes and heartshaped USBs on valentines day. hong kong. their cell. liberty x cacherel. c'est ensoleille. sitting on luscious green grass. self timer tourist. sister act: the musical. auf wiedersehen, auf wiedersehen...do you have a bin? hocheck. luxurious camp bathrooms. vienna. sipping coffee on stephansplatz. sacher torte. easyjet. sleeping on meia praia. perfect bodies. rocha. ponta da piedade. saying 'you're beautiful'. enigma. 3gs&&T27. boarding a BA flight from LCY to EDI. OTW. jonny and his weird friend. kabir. aiden. choking. binbag prom. lemon limes, tutti fruity. tears as the coach departs. sawing perspex pieces. mini mission to barking UPS depot to collect mbp.ceejay the pony. sassy the horse. flying from LHR to PVG. exploring shanghai on my lonesome. dali. handing left over xiaolongbaos to the old man. rbt. mountain dew. 150809. i love nanjing. self timer as the sun sets on nanjings city wall. knee deep flood. the white box. hating the Confucius temple and its surrounding area. little eat day. michael and his bike. midnight walks through nanjing university campus. alex. euan. old busker. twenty four hour journey. feeling disorientated and surreal at the baggage reclaim in LHR. 30030 virgin miles. reunion sushi and watching the night traffic on the buckingham palace fountain. long emails. best summer ever.

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