Sunday, 5 April 2009

I *SE logo* SE

I absolutely CAN NOT WAIT for the SE Idou (concept name) this 2nd quarter, just salivating over newly googled pics here at

mMmmm. yum.

It's frustrating, there's a picture in the album of the Idou alongside the E71. God, the E71 repulses me! Before it kind of dazzled me with its slender body and then-stunning appearance, it was enough to attract me to buy it without pedantically consulting the 'insides'. Browsing in Carphone Warehouse it seriously looked amazing (superficial i know). So, lacking self control and all the warning alarms that sounded in my head (I'm a SE girl at heart) I clicked my way over to the 3 website and brought the Nokia E71 (ARGH!! Nokia? seriously?) I thought I'd give Nokia a chance, I mean the last one I owned was the 8310? or 8210? but seriously I tried the N series a few times and they did not bode well with my soul (perhaps I was too accustomed to the SE UI). Also 3 has quite a good contract at the moment.

So last night I received my E71, unboxed it, put the battery in and switched it on. I was disappointed, unlike my w960i unboxing in Jan 2008, there was no feelings of flittering fires inside my heart. =( Instead? a sub standard Nokia, heavy as hell with a faulty navigation pad.....*sigh* I think the E71 would be fantastic for the business side of things but the OS aesthetics/usability are really sub par.

I was a media orientated user buying a phone better suited for the crackberry crew. Which is silly.

Luckily, 3 are lovely enough to take it back!! PHEW. I guess I'll stick to my trusty W960i until the Idou finally arrives. I don't know how I'm going to survive the wait, it'll probably be the end of the year if there are any delays.

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